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SMART PHONES: A New Cost Control Headache?

A Wave of Smart Phones has Swelled Budgets -- and Left Sticker Shock in its Wake

How do you tame run-away telecom spending in the Age of Smart Phones? It's a complex problem that is best left to experts.

If you have at least 100 wireless devices (cell phones, ipads, tablets, and others), you qualify and you can register for a complimentary three month analysis to be completed by a firm that specializes in mobile phone optimization plans.

A Free Analysis - designed to improve cost control efficiencies - it will uncover problems and issues and will report on items like these:

  • Voice/Data plan change recommendations
  • Wireless Devices with no usage (many firms are paying for devices that are no longer used)
  • Feature plans and usage
  • Available Business Plan Discounts
  • Voice & Data Overages
  • Equipment Protection/Insurance
  • Unpublished plans and discount programs

If You Qualify - Sign up Here:

Our complimentary analysis will address the problems most commonly faced by companies like yours. If your telecom infrastructure is plagued by phone-book size monthly telecom bills - and with no reliable way to check for accuracy, or any framework to confirm whether telecom services are being efficiently utilized...

You Should Act Now: This complimentary offer was formulated in response to complaints issued by telecom departments faced with a budgetary crisis. It lasts only until our appointment book is filled.

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A recent FCC study confirmed that mobile device billing errors are common, with average consumers experiencing as much as $98 in overage fees and reporting errors as high as $8,553 for unspecified overage fees. For Corporate America, where telecom expenses represent one of the largest budgetary components of corporate spending - the problem is much worse, and has escalated into a serious cost-control nightmare.

If you qualify and sign-up for our free analysis, you'll benefit from a three month cell phone optimization plan that can significantly reduce your monthly bill with savings averaging about 25% per month -- sometimes as high as 40%.

It's time to turn the page on run-away mobile communications spending. This report will provide a practical foundation for reining-in the costs of your mobile plan infrastructure.